Saturday, 23 November 2013

how time fly's

i thought i would update you guys on how i am doing. then i realized i didn't have much to say..
i seem to have just slipped into a little routine that's so comfortable and familiar to me that one week kind of dissolves into the next  

so when i looked up at my calender this morning it came as a shock to the system when i read it. it when something like this

25th November - cp1 essay due into uni..... that's this coming Monday folks !!!

29th November - 1st December - weekend away with uni friends ...holey cow we are in December

10th December - last Monday at uni before the holidays .... for crying out loud i only have 3 weeks before i break up for Christmas

see what i mean , September seems like yesterday. guess its true what they say time fly's when your having fun 

but i will give you an update

uni is going well. i have finished the above mentioned essay and its ready to be handed in on Monday. i also have made some of the most fantastic friends. in such a high pressured environment it is such a help to have people that are honestly as laid  back as i am. it definitely takes the edge off of having deadlines and assignments

work is INSANE. not only do we have 2 new interns but i have taken over the rains of romance academy at our church (Google it) but i have said it a thousand times i will say it again. i love my job and will do it to the best of my ability until god tells me otherwise  

in personal life im doing well . was at my aunts wedding a couple of weeks ago and it was a lovely day . saw lots of family i hadn't seen in years .. here have some pictures

my baby brother is so hansom 

my little cousin Conner. 

not so little cousins kyiann 

and Rosie 

my nickname is so ingrained it was on my place card 

again with the overload of hansom ...

lots of love 



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