Tuesday, 12 May 2015

maybe it wasen't always like that

so , yesterday. i was sitting there in the courtyard of my top London theological collage drinking my Starbucks and talking through the list of questions my friends and i had been given to go through for the session (our tutor  had let us take class outside because we where in discussion groups and the weather was nice) 

when it hit me . 

when did i become that person that people look at and get jealous of what looks like there perfect little life.

it was brief , but i saw the look i got given by one of the people passing by me on the street

i know the look because i used to give enough of them myself. the "ugg i wish i was that lucky" look and the they dont know how good they have it" look

it made me wonder just how many people i gave that look to in the past had , just like me . clawed my way to where they are. 

maybe it wasn't always like that for them , i don't know their story

i always imaged the people i saw with life's i envied as these spoiled self entitled brats that wouldn't know hardship if it came up and hit them round the face. and for some reason i never once imaged them appreciating what they had 

i just want to say. to the lady that looked like she wished she had it easier when she saw me.

i promise hasn't always been this easy
i promise i don't take it for granted , not for a single second 

you made me realize i am now on the other side of that spectrum and its the most surreal experience ever 
i promise i will do everything i can to give back

and i hope you get to experience the same feeling i did yesterday one day 

lots of love 

Thursday, 30 April 2015

It's not going anywhere

Recently I've been feeling happy , like resdiculosly happy with the way things are going for me 


It's all going so well !! And I don't say this to brag or to boast. I hope you guys are feeling the same and I'm sorry if for whatever reason your not 

But the rbest a on I bring this up is because I have been kind of on edge waiting for it all to crash down around me. Like it's almost to good to be true.

But that's not the case. God dosent put these things into your life just so he can be spiteful and take them away. They are given to us so that we can enjoy them and ues them to his glory.

So , this past Sunday. I was at the youth service at my church and just felt this overwhelming feeling of fear of these things being taken away.

I got a good friend of mine to pray for me and I honestly feel so so much more secure.

So I guess what I'm trying to say to you guys is this . 

God has given you so many Awsome things . Ues them  and enjoy them


Thursday, 19 March 2015

How can you still belive in God after THAT

I got some bad news yesterday ..

A friend of mine passed away. You know the one from my last post.

And it HURTS to go through stuff like this .. It always will. That's no great shock to anyone

But one of my other friends looked at me when she realised that I was not only mourning the loss of a friend but Alls trying to get through the fact it's my other friend who sadly passed away last Aprils birthday and said

"How can you still belive in God after all that"

And I felt like I should expand on my awnser a bit and  have it as a blog post 

So , how on earth can I belive in God when all of this nasty stuff is going on around me 

Well there ex are two awnsers to that question.

The first is this. It's times like this when I have to belive in God and hold on to him the most because I promise you .. It's the only way I'm ever gonna get through it. 

Secondly. It's in the valleys of life that you learn the most about yourself and the true character of those around you. You realise just how strong you are and the meaning of the word resilience 

Although it may not seem like it , God knows what he's doing.

This post is for Amber. Who was quite possibly this blogs biggest fan and told me so on a regular basis. 

And for Katie who I miss more and more every day 

Sunday, 15 March 2015

When havering turners syndrome becomes very "real"

Hi guys ! 

So if you have been reading for a while you will know that I have a condition called turned syndrome.

Normally it's not somthing I even think about in my day to day life besides having to take my medication.

However recently it has been hammered home to me just how much of a big deal it can be

I've seen so many scary health complications in the other girls with turners that I tallk to that I'm forced to deal with the fact I do actuly have a health condition that can manifest in some pretty nasty ways.

I guess it's just like I said a while back

Even superman has cryptonite

I made this post as a bit of a reminder to myself and to all other girls with ts out there

Get checked , make sure your on the right meds. You deserve to live as long and as healthy a life as you Possible can.

Lots of love

Friday, 16 January 2015

Guess who's back !

Back again .. Lauren's back ... Tell a friend.

Please say you all sang that to youeselfs .. Great

Hi friends , fellow Christians and the occasional random internet stranger that acsidently stumbles across this blog and is reading it anyway.

You guys ! I've missed blogging. 

But life has been compleatly manic 

So I've come to the sudden and startling realisation that I haven't blogged since like December .. For my utter lack of being a decent blogger I can only apologise 

But uni essays have been kicking my butt. However , there is hope.. Both of the essays that where the main purpotraiters of sucking my time and happiness away from me are now handed in *victory dance* 

Confession. It's not just essays that have prevented me from having time to blog 

Christmas and new year happened ! 

So joyux Noel guys. Hope you had a good one. I know I did

My family where over from Canada and having the opportunity to just chill with them was awsome.

And all I can say is .. I'm a spoiled little brat when it comes to Christmas pressents 

I got to go hang out with a certain famous mouse I'm sure you have all herd of

I also ended up with a chest infection and layringitus to get over once I got beck.

So blogging now resumes !!! Yay

Lots of love

Thursday, 4 December 2014

even superman has kryptonite

have you ever looked at someone and though well DAYM kid you got it figured out.

you know the type of people i am on about
 with the better time management than you.
the better grades
and apparently God gave them a double dose of anointing because there ministry is booming 

well recently i have been seeing a lot of people in this light. ive just been thinking how do you do it

then it struck me ..
"even superman has kryptonite"

i dont know what they are struggling with under the surface

like for all i know they could be looking at me right now and thinking the same thing about me 

you just dont know.

so from this thoroughly not together individual 


to you. i hereby give permission to be as untogether and not sorted as you need to be

lots of love

Saturday, 29 November 2014

It beginning to look a lot like ... CRAZY

So you all know my blogging goes way below par during summer with all the touring I do with family and church commitments. 

Well guys have this as your pre warning. 

Christmas and new year are going to be the same this year

With my new job , work commitments and a church calinder as stuffed as your average Christmas turkey (see what I did there!) blogging will probebly have to take a back seat over the holidays 

I promise you guys I will make it up to you with Awsome picture filled awesomeness as and when I can 

I'm starting to feel the strain on my time already. But wach this space and I will keep you as in the loop as possible 

As always 
Lots of love